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About Alpaca Blankets

When you wake up on the coldest winter mornings, tucked under a heavenly soft alpaca blanket, you can see why ancient Peruvians accurately described alpaca fur as "fiber of the gods." Alpaca fur once made the clothing, blankets, shoes, and pillows for ancient civilizations in South America. Early inhabitants living high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia relied on the strong, soft, and incomparably warm furs of Alpacas to survive the cold harsh mountain winters. Thanks to the passage of ancient wisdom and traditions, you can have an alpaca blanket to call your own. These blankets vary in softness, durability, and color depending on the type of alpaca fur used to make them and the production process. In the United States, most blankets use fur from Suri alpacas. Suri alpacas produce long, silky, and ultra-fine fur. The fur that was once reserved for royal Inca families now produces most alpaca fur blankets. You can look for 100-percent alpaca blankets on eBay, where there is a large variety of new and used blankets from which to choose. Simply choose a convenient shipping method to have your item arrive when you want.