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About Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission is undoubtedly the industry leader in a wide range of automatic transmission applications. Founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1915, the company has consistently been ahead of the curve in terms of technology. Without a doubt, their automatic transmissions are of the utmost quality, standing up to hundreds of thousands of miles of abuse. In recent years, General Motors took over partial ownership of the brand, bringing the industry giant into national prominence. Famously, Allison Transmission provides the other half of the Duramax diesel power train. Because of their pedigree of making transmissions for buses, military vehicles and other heavy duty applications, the Duramax transmission is known to last for tens of thousands of more miles than competing setups. Ironically, other American truck companies have taken to using the transmissions for their trucks. A huge number of these transmissions are available on eBay. Many have been rebuilt, replacing all of the major parts that become worn. These setups, such as those sold by Transaxle, are ready to install.

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