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About Alligator Hair Clips

Girls with superfine hair can unite over this hair woe – all those adorable clips and headbands just do not stay in your hair. If you feel like every hair accessory on the market is designed for someone with luscious thick or curly hair, you need to give alligator hair clips a try. These clips are the go-to clips of hair stylists for a reason. The name comes from their design, which features a spring at the back and two long prongs with "teeth" to grip the hair. Metal clips offer the best hold but if these bother your scalp, opt for colorful plastic alligator hair clips instead. You can find a large variety of these functional clips from the vast inventories on eBay. Choose plain clips for keeping your hair out of your face while you exercise or do chores around the house, but invest in some clips with some bling for going out. Once you have a few cute alligator hair clips in your back pocket, even a messy, just-rolled-out-of-bed bun can look like a hairstyle that you actually worked on.