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About Allen Wrenches

The doorbell rings and, as you attempt to pull the door, the door handle pops off in your hand. You wrestle with it to let your guest into the house, but your mind is somewhere else: you need an Allen wrench to fix the handle. An Allen wrench, known also as an Allen key, is a piece of metal with an end that is often hexagonal in shape. Such wrenches are used to loosen and tighten bolts that have that same hexagonal shape in their heads instead of a straight line or "X" like a typical standard or Phillips-head screw. Once you manage to have a moment to yourself, you consider going to the local big box store to grab the wrench you need, but there is no need. Thanks to reliable sellers on eBay, you can grab a complete Allen wrench set, because chances are high that you will have some other device, appliance, or item around the house or on your car that requires a different Allen wrench than the one you need for that doorknob. With convenient shipping options, you can bundle your set with a long Allen wrench or two that will let you get those difficult-to-reach bolts too.