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About All Time Greats

Stop wasting time and energy buying collectible sports cards pack by pack when the reliable sellers on eBay have plenty of new box sets available. The days of buying small, ten card packs, hoping for one or two of value, have gone away, and now the world can enjoy sets like the All Time Greats collection, providing all of the value with none of the stress. An Upper Deck All Time Greats box typically features three base cards and one autograph, guaranteeing solid value to any proud new owner. Bonuses abound in these new or used box sets, including the ever-popular "team for the ages" sets. These sets feature at least five star players and an autograph from each. Special boxes like the Michael Jordan All Time Greats box set features a one in six chance at an autograph from Jordan himself. Card collecting can be quite an adventure, but with eBay on your side, you know exactly what will be in the box. All Time Greats box sets bring top-level value to your collection. Find just what your need for your vast assortment of memorabilia and keep the collection going.

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