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About Alien Statues

You can never forget the first time that you saw one breaking out of John Hurt's chest in "Alien." To commemorate the movie's iconic alien villains, it is time to get your own "Alien" statues. These range from the smaller face-huggers to the creepier chest-bursters all the way up to an "Alien" Queen statue. Most are made from resin, but some are made from metal. All have incredible details, from the creature's faces all the way to their massive claws and teeth. If you are fond of more than one futuristic science fiction alien, then perhaps the "Alien vs. Predator" statues are more your speed. These replicas of scenes in which these two killing machines met on screen are sure to take you right back to the movie, itself. No matter which "Alien" statues you want to add to your collection, the vast inventory on eBay means that you can find them all. Some are even handmade by fans just like you, giving you a unique choice for either display in your own collection or as a gift.