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About Alice in Wonderland

Even before assuming its rightful place in the pantheon of Disney classics, Alice in Wonderland was an unlikely cultural phenomenon all its own. Despite being dense with logical and mathematical allusions that would fly over the head of even most adults, the story is generally remembered as a fantastical journey through an enchanted land full of whimsical characters and silly songs loved by children the world over. The popularity of Alice in Wonderland is undeniable, as witnessed in the sheer quantity of its remakes, retellings, and gritty reboots across the media of literature, film, and video gaming. As always, however, it is best to start with the original, sure to capture the imagination of your little ones. When they insist on acting out their favorite scenes from the book, you can be ready with an Alice in Wonderland tea set. If perhaps you are looking for something more appealing to an older age group — for instance, yourself — vintage Alice in Wonderland memorabilia makes for tasteful decor with an eccentric twist. It does not take a trip down the rabbit hole. Reliable sellers on eBay allow you to take a journey to Wonderland today.