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About Alexandrites

June babies are quite lucky in the birth stone department because they have three: the pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. The latter is particularly special because the stone changes color depending on the lighting. In the daylight, it can appear either green or a blue-green hue, but when you go inside, the color changes to orange or a reddish-brown under incandescent lighting. You could have a gorgeous pendant with a green alexandrite stone when you are outside, and then when you go inside, it will be a shade of red. Just imagine the conversation that would start if someone noticed the change. You could be whimsical and say that it is magic, or you could tell them the truth about the gem. Did you know that the gem was originally found in Russia almost two centuries ago? It became quite popular, and production was exhausted; therefore, it is impossible to get an original Russian alexandrite—most of them are in museums or in personal collections. Fear not, you can still find alexandrite mined from other countries. Thanks to these countries, eBay shoppers can find a vast collection of new rings, bracelets, and necklaces that feature this beautiful and mysterious stone. It’s time to let it shine.