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About Aladdin Lamps

They might not make all your wishes come true, but Aladdin lamps at least meet your needs for light and interior enhancements. These lamps operate using various heating methods including electricity and oil. Lamps operating on electricity produce approximately the same amount of light as lamps using standard bulbs. However, for a bright, intense light, consider Aladdin kerosene lamps. The intensity of light emitting from these lamps varies depending on fuel capacity and lamp shape. Lamps with flat wick flames, which include regular Number 2 lamps, produce soft and steady light equaling that of a strong flashlight. Lamps taking the shape of magic mantels, in contrast, have larger storage capacities and produce light equal to the output from dozens of candles burning simultaneously. In addition to searching by fuel source and light output, you can look for Aladdin lamps in various prices, ages, and styles. For an exotic and old-fashioned look, Aladdin beehive lamps make a sound choice. These lamps feature glass or crystal bases, which have grooves and lines resembling beehives. This style dates back to the 1930s; most lamps from this era have delicate constructions, making them ideal for indoor use. Aladdin hanging lamps, however, come in weatherproof materials like aluminum and steel, and withstand the elements. The large inventory of lamps on eBay lets you search for lights of all kinds.