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About Akoya Pearls

As a teenager, only gold jewelries would do, and when you turned 20, you took to diamonds. You never thought you would be into pearls until you turned 50, but then you fell in love with Akoya pearls. These are the first cultured Japanese pearls, and they are still the most popular pearls used in jewelry. Akoya-producing oysters are the smallest in the world, and finding an Akoya pearl bigger than 10 mm is a rarity. These saltwater pearls are round, with sharp luster, and their white color has overtones of pink. Not even diamond and solid gold jewelries can quite match the elegant and sophisticated look you will cut with a full complement of Akoya pearl bracelet, earrings, and necklace. You can find such jewelry sets among the wide selection of Akoya pearls offered by reputable sellers on eBay. If you have some creative jewelry designs you want to try out, there is also a large inventory of loose Akoya pearls available on eBay from which you can make the most exquisite cultured pearl jewelries.