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About AKG

When AKG first launched in 1947 in Vienna, its founders had a distinct vision: to produce high-end audio and visual equipment specifically for Austria's movie theaters. Rudolf Goericke and Ernst Pless felt they could offer better products than those that theaters were using in post-war Vienna and set out to make great speakers, light meters, and projectors. AKG quickly gained a reputation for its speakers, so the company decided to expand into other audio equipment, such as headphones and microphones. Fast forward to the present day, and the company continues to enjoy an excellent reputation for its audio equipment and distributes its products worldwide. AKG wireless microphones and systems are favorites in many performance venues around the globe. AKG studio equipment is widely used in sound and film recording environments to produce professional high-definition sound. You can find a wide variety of the company's products on eBay, including new and used AKG headphones, microphones, and more. Reliable sellers offer great deals on these high-quality products, giving you choices to suit almost any budget.