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About Airstream Trailer

That sleek, oversized toaster rolling behind the pickup truck on the highway has a high-flying heritage. With an aerodynamic, rounded body made of aluminum, the design of the iconic Airstream trailer comes from company founder Wally Byam and Hawley Bowlus who supervised construction of Charles Lindbergh's record-setting airplane, Spirit of St. Louis. Bowlus used his aerodynamics expertise to transform travel trailers from ungainly boxes to trailers with rounded edges that reduced wind resistance and improved fuel efficiency. Designed to offer comfort and ease in towing, vintage Airstream trailers from the 1930s are still on the road, alongside the company's current designs. When you get the itch to take to the road, start by browsing the listings on eBay for an Airstream trailer. These popular travel trailers include the compact Sport, a single-axle 16- or 22-foot trailer also known as a Bambi trailer. Sport trailers offer fuel efficiency and a generously sized interior that includes a kitchen, dinette, a wet bath including shower, a comfortable bed, and storage. The largest model is the sumptuous double-axle Land Yacht, measuring 28 feet long and nearly 9 feet wide. Airstream travel trailers integrate the aerodynamic form with the nautical sensibility from master yacht designer Mauro Micheli. The spacious, air-conditioned Land Yacht can sleep up to five people. The full-size dinette extends into a generous lounge, and the bedroom fits a queen-size bed and two nightstands. Other features include a spacious bathroom with shower, a wardrobe, and galley, offering comfort during any road trip.