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About Air Tanks

Your habit of carrying an extra air tank has made you the last man standing in many battles. This is because you know how disheartening it can be to ambush an enemy only to die to the phut-phut of a powerless, drained paintball gun. A paintball gun fires by the power of pressurized air supplied in a tank. Unlike CO2 tanks, a compressed air tank is usually filled with pure nitrogen or high-pressure air. Compared to carbon dioxide, compressed air produces a more stable pressure that is better suited to rapid fire and cold weather. Besides improved accuracy, consistency, and speedier shots, compressed air produces no telltale gas cloud that can give away your position. In fact, new paintball rifles are designed to hold this kind of paintball air tank. You can find a spare air tank for your relentless paintball campaigns among the wide selection of compressed air tanks offered by reliable sellers on eBay. The next time you carry one of these into battle, you will give a new meaning to the term "weekend warrior."