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About Air Stones

A clown fish glides past a turquoise reef and a starfish basks on a smooth, jet-black stone when suddenly, the noise and obtrusive bubbles of a traditional air filtration system interrupt the peaceful scene. Don’t let loud technology intrude on nature; pick up an air stone and give you, and your fish, the peace and quiet you all deserve. Air stones work in much the same way as traditional air filtration systems, but they are much quieter. They gently bubble as they oxygenate the air and, because they come in a host of shapes and colors, they add a nice aesthetic appeal on their own. Aquarium air stones come in many sizes based on the size of your tank, including 6” air stones and 12” air stones. These relaxing alternatives to conventional systems are available on eBay from a host of reliable sellers. Let your fish truly relax—add some Zen to your tank with an air stone.

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