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About Air Regulators

All it takes is one accident with compressed air to make you double check your air regulator every single time. Unregulated air just flows out of the compressor or tank as fast as possible, which can be very dangerous—enough pressure can send a tank flying across a surface like a rocket. (Case in point: the Mythbusters once sent an air tank with a broken regulator clean through a cinderblock wall and dented the cement wall behind it.) With an air pressure regulator, this doesn't happen. The regulator controls the flow of air, ensuring a constant flow rate through the system. An air compressor regulator is a vital part of any compressor, whether you have a single-stage unit for basic control or a dual-stage air regulator to smooth out even small fluctuations in pressure. Turn to eBay's reliable sellers to find an air regulator that suits your purposes. As tempting as it may be, don't try any sort of experiments at home.