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About Air Mouses

You are lying in bed watching something terribly dull on TV, but if you are comfortable, the last thing you want to do is get up to change channels. If you have your TV hooked up to a computer, this can often be the case if you have never purchased an air mouse. With high-definition becoming the norm, more people than ever are using their computers to stream content or watch digital media. This can be problematic when it comes to changing channels, because you control the content with a mouse. But with an air mouse you can control the action almost as accurately as an ordinary mouse, without ever needing to get near your PC or laptop. The Air Mouse Elite by Gyration is a popular model that works as well on the desk as it does in the air. It features a long-range antenna and patented 2D, gyro-based MotionSense technology. In contrast, the T2 Air Mouse is much more than a simple mouse that functions as a complete multi function remote, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux operating systems. There is a huge inventory filled with a variety of options for an air mouse that will meet your needs available on eBay, and you can be sure you are making the best choice. And with thousands of traders and several reliable shipping options, you do not even need to leave home.