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About Air Impact Wrenches

You push and you pull with all your force, but you just cannot seem to get the nut to loosen itself from the bolt. Your arms may not have enough power to move the nut, but air impact wrenches use the power of compressed air to make sure that the nut never stands a chance. When it comes time to tighten the nut back down, the impact wrench uses a rotating motion as well as a pulsing motion to secure it tightly. The strong impact drives it down quickly so that you can get the job done more efficiently than simply twisting a wrench manually. Air impact wrench kits come with standard socket wrench drive sizes that range from the small 1/4-inch tools for small assemblies to large 3 1/2-inch drives for major construction projects. The air impact wrench set may also have metric sizes. Find complete sets in new and used condition by shopping the large selection available on eBay. With air impact wrenches, you can complete a variety of projects from minor auto repair to maintenance of construction equipment.