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About Agate Slices

One look at an agate slice reminds you of just how much different something can look on the inside from the outside. From the outside, an agate just looks like any other lump of rock. Cut it open and it's as if there was a whole new world inside. When cut open, the slice reveals a world of color. You can get small slices that make perfect coasters, and large ones that make great accent pieces. You can even find pieces to use in an agate pendant. One reason why slices are so popular is their versatility. You can get agate slices in any color of the rainbow from red to violet, so they fit with any style or purpose. The key is the polishing, that's what makes the difference between a dull, lifeless rock and a beautiful centerpiece. No matter what you want from a single slice to a large lot, you can find it through many reliable sellers on eBay. Polish up your life with a slice of agate.