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About Afro Wigs

If you feel some disco fever coming on, go take a trip to the 1970s and pick up an afro wig. You can find a wide selection of afro wigs among the vast inventory on eBay, so whether you need a stylish look to fit your "Saturday Night Fever" house party or something to top off a colorful clown costume or hippie outfit for Halloween, you can find the wig you need. Color options vary widely, so if you need something with a more carnival feel, you can find huge wigs – colored with everything from blond, purple, orange, rainbow, and many more – from costume manufacturers, like Rubies. Many wigs are made of all-natural human hair if you prefer a more natural look. This gives them a texture that synthetic materials can not completely match. Realistic wigs tend to be fitted with lace caps that fit in the front, helping to conceal the area of attachment to the dome. Hair lengths of wigs vary, with many being over a foot in length.