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About African Masks

Every culture claims its own unique forms of expression and ritual, and the sheer variety and beauty of this reality is often a lot to comprehend. Tribal Africa, for example, makes heavy use of African masks for decorative and ceremonial purposes. Diverse tribes in Africa often shared similar ways of approaching, creating, and using masks. Masks have a spiritual or religious meaning, and this meaning is realized in ritual dances and events. Many African animal masks symbolize both animals and spiritual stories. Mask making as a craft passes from father to sun, and the meanings, usually oral, are passed down as well. African masks have made an immense impact on the art world of the west thanks to the work of cubists, with Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon being a prime example. Many African masks are available on eBay. Antique African masks are often prized by collectors — be a part of this fascinating and marvelously expressive tradition.