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About Aerotech

The Aerotech rocket rises up into the sky, disappearing into the blue. Soon, you see it floating back down, a parachute slowing its descent overhead. An Aerotech rocket, one of the many low-power rockets used by hobbyists the world over, is a safe way to inspire children (and adults) to learn more about science and mathematics. A love of rocketry can sometimes lead to a career as an engineer or scientist. Initially, invented and used by the Chinese in the early 13th century, the model rocket field has grown to establish its own set of standards as far as allowable rocket sizes and motor power. Safety is such an important factor in model rocketry that most rocket kits and motors come with a copy on the Model Rocket Safety Code included in the packaging. You can also buy rockets that allow you to replace a spent motor, including Aerotech motors. Find a wide selection of rockets and other equipment from Aerotech thanks to the trusted sellers on eBay.