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About ADT Signs

A security alarm system can deter burglary, but often the biggest single factor in deterrence is the sign that says the home is protected by a security system. An ADT sign or other security-system warning on the lawn can mean the system itself is never tested, as burglars seek unprotected homes where their work is easier and safer. That means that the cheapest and easiest security system you can have in your home is simply a sign out front, decals on the windows, and other warnings that the home is protected by an electronic security system—whether or not it actually is. Also, if you install your own alarm system using parts purchased from an electronics store (which is not difficult to do), signs advertising its presence are a crucial part of your deterrent system. Actual ADT signs and those from other bona fide companies are available only from the companies, but official-looking alarm system signs are frequently available on eBay and are a prudent buy.