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About Adlake

For some, the perfect lighting comes from an extravagant chandelier or contemporary pendant. For you, the ultimate piece of art is a lamp or lantern by Adlake. The product line was inspired by the growth of the railway system during the Civil War. Adlake products have been shining a light in the darkness for nearly two centuries, and owning one gives you a piece of the historical past. Whether you have your heart set on an Adlake lantern or lamp, you are sure to find what you are looking for on eBay. Reliable sellers offer an extensive selection of these vintage pieces, and will ship right to your door. Some are to proudly place on display as a focal point in the room, but many are still in working condition. Regardless if you use your lantern for light or not, it will certainly be a conversation piece. You can even find an Adlake Non-Sweating Lamp that will look amazing hung above your bar in the basement. These rare pieces were made in Chicago and once served as a valuable source of lighting for the railway.