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About Adjustable Dumbbells

Night after night, you fight for space in your gym's weight room. It seems there are more people than equipment, and it reminds you exactly why you want that set of adjustable dumbbells. With a vast inventory of adjustable dumbbells available on eBay, you are sure to find the ideal set. Bowflex Selectech adjustable dumbbells can each be adjusted from 5 lbs. to 52 1/2 lbs. and are adjustable in 2 1/2-lb. increments, so you can gradually increase the weight you lift. Another option is Gold's Gym adjustable 100-lb. dumbbells. These weights are adjustable in 10-lb. increments and come with their own stand. Both of these sets can be set simply by turning a dial so there is no need to lug around heavy plates. If you are really looking to pack on some muscle, a set of adjustable 200-lb. dumbbells is ideal. Find these sets in cast iron and chrome. Each set comes with varying weight plates and collars so you can load up to 100 lbs. on each dumbbell. Sometimes, lifting in your gym's weight room slows you down more than it revs you up. For those nights, you want your own set of adjustable dumbbells ready to use at home.