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About adidas Trefoil

Whoever designed the adidas trefoil logo deserves to have made a million dollars. This design now graces shirts and shoes and takes a black hoodie from average to amazing. As recognizable brands go, the adidas trefoil knocks it out of the park. Everyone can recognize an adidas trefoil shirt against the background of other company shirts. Part of the appeal is the wide range of items that hold this logo. Whether you are shopping for a man or a woman, you have plenty of options to choose from. Men's adidas trefoil shoes go like hotcakes, and the women's T-shirts are not far behind them. From showy clothes for the club to the workout clothes you need in order to get fit enough for that same club, you could build an entire wardrobe out of this little symbol. In fact, there are enough sellers on eBay for you to do exactly that. The person who designed the adidas trefoil will definitely thank you.