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About Adidas Predators

As you charge down the field trying to keep the ball away from your opponents and looking for the right opportunity to strike, you want your cleats to give you the utmost control of the ball. This is where Adidas Predators come in. Adidas developed this shoe with a focus on ball control. One of the ways the company achieved this feat was to place a strip of rubber on top of the shoe to increase friction between the shoe and the ball, allowing more accurate passing and shooting. Some users note they get tremendous spin and power on the ball with these shoes. A redesign called the Adidas Predator X excludes the tongue to increase feel between the ball and the foot, while the later Adidas Predator LZ TRX FG features "lethal zones" made of super-light rubber and foam placed where you make contact to dribble the ball, drive it, or pass it. Sellers on eBay make it easy for you to find the Adidas Predators you want by enabling you to sort results according to specific model and price and with convenient shipping options.