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About Adams Super Hybrid

As you learned just before turning pro, there is nothing better than a little wood and a little iron. If you can only have one hybrid club, make it an Adams Super Hybrid. When you want a big and powerful club, then the Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid comes highly recommended. The large club head, steel face, and weighty sole make the Black Super a hybrid on steroids. Not only do you hit further with this club, it is also not that brutish, so it forgives your overreaches. But if you want a club that forgives you even more, then the Adams Super Hybrid SS club is what you need. The SS has an ultra-thin crown, stainless steel head, and a very low center of gravity. The result is a spring-like effect that improves the force of your swings. With the wide selection of golf clubs available on eBay, finding these Adams Super Hybrids is only a click away. It is time to do away with harsh and weak clubs. Pick up a Super Hybrid and watch your game improve immediately.

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