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About Actiontec

You do not need a lot of bells and whistles for your home office space or for your home computer, and you definitely like to keep things simple. When you need a replacement modem for your machine, everyone is suggesting all of this high-tech gear, but really, you would just like to invest in an Actiontec modem. A standard DSL modem with 300 Mbps and a simple interface, this Ethernet Actiontec Q1000 with DSL 2+ modem has been given four stars by CNET. It has been a few years since your last replacement, however, and you are not quite sure where to start looking for this model. Why not look to some of the most reliable sellers on eBay for specific models such as a 4-port Actiontec PK5000? With so many different options to choose from in the large online inventory, you are bound to find the exact model you are looking for. The condition of modems such as an Actiontec for range from new to used to refurbished, so you can order quickly and conveniently with peace of mind.