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About Action Comics 1

Look to the sky Metropolis there is a hero in town and his name is Superman. Read all about his heroism as he saves the people of earth from vile fiends who are bent on destruction and chaos in one of the Action Comics 1 comic books. The Krypton native was sent to earth by his parents to save his life and now fanatics young and old can catch up on the amazing journey and epic battles Superman faces along the way. There are multiple Action Comics 1 variant books available on eBay for the serious buyer to build their comic book collection with their favorite cover artwork. Choose from an array of classic comics to learn the history of the man of steel and then read Action Comics 1 new 52 series to enjoy vibrant artwork, thrilling story lines, and sinister plots. Complete any comic book collection with alternate sketches of comics and reprints to amass an Action Comics 1 library any Superman fanatic would cherish.