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Want to know what the best selling collectible Action Comics are? Find out on our best-selling pages, which are updated daily to reflect trends and top selling inventory on eBay.

About Action Comics

The men in your family have a long history of being Superman fans. As a matter of fact, your grandfather started reading the Superman Action comics when he was young. These were the comics that introduced Superman as one of the first major superheroes. Today, the franchise is known as DC comics and is still in publication. One of your most prized possessions is your grandfather's Action Comics 1, which was the first issue of the Action Comics line. Your best buddy has an Action Comics 1 reprint, and you secretly smirk every time he shows it off, because you know that yours has a much higher value. One can never have too many Superman Action comics, and you know that eBay is a great place to find them. Reliable sellers offer a variety of different issues in varying conditions, so you are sure to find the perfect book to add to your ever-expanding collection.