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About Acqua Di Gioia

You have been in search of a scent you can truly call your own for years, and just as you are about to give up hope, you stumble on a light, appealing aroma reminiscent of the sea. Launched in 2010, Acqua di Gioia is a fragrance by Giorgio Armani inspired by natural scents. It combines fresh lemon and crushed mint leaves as top notes with cedar wood, jasmine, and brown sugar as base and middle notes. Coming in a bottle the shape of a clear water drop, the overall result of the perfume is a floral scent accentuated by fresh citrus that gives you the feeling of an escape to the Mediterranean islands. The vast inventory on eBay includes various bottle sizes, and different varieties of the perfume, including the Eau Fraiche and Essenza blends. To enhance the scent of the perfume, use it in combination with the Acqua di Gioia body cream and lotion.