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About Acer Extensa

Go back in time and meet the Acer Extensa. Coming from the top-notch brand, this laptop computer first appeared in 2008. If your Acer Extensa is beginning to show its age, then a replacement part might be all you need to make it feel young again. If not, then a new Acer Extena 5620 will turn your frown upside down. The 5620, 4420, 5630, and a number of other models from the series are all available from the reliable sellers on eBay. Each version packs a lightweight and compact design for portability, while additionally supplying power and performance. Though specifics vary from one to the next, the Acer Extensa 4420 comes armed with a dual-core AMD processor, 1.9 GHz speed, up to 4 GB of RAM, and more. With specs like these on a laptop, it is hard to go wrong. Take that trip into the past, and bring the Acer computer back to the future with you.