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About Acer A200

With the swipe of a finger, surf the Web, access your pictures, play games, or do some online shopping all on a device the size of many books. The Acer A200 tablet offers users style and functionality with its sleek design. Available in 7.9-inch and 10.1-inch models with the color options of black or white, customers have several choices when buying their tablet. Watch videos on the go using the Netflix application, or take pictures with the front-facing camera and post them on your social media pages. When fully charged, the A200 has a battery life of about eight hours. To make sure your Acer A200 always has power when you need it, purchase an Acer A200 car charger and charge the device while on the way to your destination. To protect your tablet when carrying it in a purse or bag, buy an Acer A200 case in black, blue, pink, purple, or white. Reliable sellers on eBay offer the Acer A200 as well as many accessories with convenient shipping options worldwide.