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About Accord Mugen

Combining its rich heritage in motorsport and a profound passion for manufacturing specialized, high-performance engines and related components for street-driven Honda vehicles, Mugen has become an internationally famed Honda parts producer since it was formed in 1973. Take your standard Honda Accord and vibrantly transform it into an Accord Mugen, to experience motorsport-quality performance, comfortable interiors, and high-performance body designs. Easily upgrade your Accord by searching among the array of parts specific to your Accord model and year, including everything from suspension parts to exterior parts to even a highly renowned Accord Mugen grill. Fortunately, when you know exactly which parts you need for your Accord, whether you are looking for an 08 Accord Mugen or any other year, you can discover one of the most complete collections of Mugen parts and accessories in brand new or used condition right from eBay. Experience motorsport quality and street luxury as you take your simple Accord and turn it into a stunning work of motor vehicle art.

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