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About AC to DC

Alternating Current (AC) is the type of power produced by the electric company generators and sent through the power lines to your home. Many devices cannot use AC power, so it is converted from AC to DC (direct current) for your electronic devices to use. If your electronic device needs DC power, the power cable it came with will serve as an AC to DC converter. It can be difficult or impossible to find a car charger designed for a specific item like your laptop, so you will want a car power inverter DC to AC adapter to keep electronics charged while on the go. A car power inverter will plug into the car's 12V power and give you a standard AC plug for your device. When you need to ensure that you can access all of your devices, even while on the road, turn to the sellers on eBay. They offer a wide variety of products with fast, reliable shipping, so you can get the AC to DC item you need just in time for your next road trip.