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About AC Power Supply

Your heart leaps as you are digging through some boxes in the attic and find that super-sized boombox you used to lug everywhere back in the 1980s. As you try to crank up the Cure, you sink into gloom when you realize that although you may have recovered your teenage music machine, the AC power supply is long gone. Before you sink your kids' college fund into D batteries, check for a replacement on eBay. Before diving in, make sure you know what kind to get; you should be able to find the voltage on the item itself on the UL (US Listed) data. You may need a 9VAC or 12VAC power supply, both of which are common for small electronics. If the label is long since faded, most established manufacturers have support lines or carry specifications on their websites to help you repair and maintain their products. Some electronics fans rely on an adjustable AC power supply that can be used with a number of gadgets, and a 7.5/9/12 volt combination is a wise investment. If you are a gadget junkie, just one spare AC Power Supply will not do. Take advantage of the huge inventory and convenient shipping options to make sure that all your gadgets, new and vintage, are ready at the flip of a switch.