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About AC/DC TIG Welder

Tangled webs of metal adorn your workshop, and every day you get closer and closer to finishing your project. Walking in, you take a seat next to your trusty AC/DC TIG welder and flip down your welding mask, ready for another day of work. TIG welding offers many advantages depending on the work you want done, and finding an AC/DC TIG welder from the large assortment available on eBay keeps you ahead of the game. Almost any weldable metals can be joined, including some dissimilar materials and thicknesses. It might take a bit longer to finish a weld than with other processes, but the result is a strong seal with a beautiful finish that can save you time because it requires no grinding to make it presentable. If your TIG weld does not require any grinding, it keeps your work site free of the noise and debris caused by needing to grind your work. For welding projects where quality and clean welds are more important than speed, a TIG welder is the right tool for the job.