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About AC Adapters

There is little mystery as to why the notebook computer has long surpassed the desktop computer: all the power and functionality of a desktop in a convenient, portable package. However, there is one accessory that any laptop, no matter how modern or powerful, needs if it is to function for more than a few hours: the AC adapter. Whether you need a replacement adapter for your machine, a backup for traveling, or just a universal AC adapter to have on hand, the dependable sellers on eBay have your AC adapter needs covered. eBay has a wide selection of AC power adapters with multiple input and output voltage options, as well as tips to fit different power jacks and universal adapters for other electronic devices. Sometimes pieces from a universal adapter you already have can get lost easily, especially the universal AC adapter tips, which is why the sellers on eBay also sell replacement parts such as universal adapter tips. For travelers, you can also find adapters to plug your computer, and other electronics, into outlets throughout the world.