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About Abbott and Costello

Sometimes chance creates the most unlikely kind of success, and the chance pairing of Abbott and Costello for a show created an iconic comedy duo. Their work spanned decades over which they created various routines and found themselves playing roles in a variety of unlikely scenarios. One of the more memorable ones, "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein," put the bumbling duo in a situation where they ended up acting alongside the likes of Bela Lugosi and injecting their distinct humor into the realm of horror. But eBay's reliable sellers have plenty of the duo's work available for you to browse if you're looking for something slightly less tongue-in-cheek. For instance, a variety of pre-owned DVDs are available that collect their most famous routine, "Who's on First?". The duo created many more routines, but that is the one they ended up most known for and the sheer skill of the delivery continues to garner praise. While the comedians themselves might not have been able to outlast time, the routines of Abbott and Costello continue to go forward and be referred to by a wide variety of people. Fortunately, for Bud Abbott, most people are quicker to understand things than the persona of Lou Costello was.

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