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About AB Rhinestones

You don't have to travel all the way to a frigid northern locale to catch the Northern Lights when you can just don AB rhinestones instead. The "AB" stands for Aurora Borealis, the phenomenon popularly known as the Northern Lights, whereby charged particles collide with atoms in the atmosphere at high latitudes and flash neon-colored lights across the sky. No such complex biological processes are necessary for AB rhinestones to create dazzling lighting effects. Instead, a thin, vacuum-sputtered metallic coating reflects light colored by whatever object is near the rhinestone, creating an eye-catching iridescent effect. Swarovski introduced this innovation for its crystal rhinestones in 1955, but many other producers employ it today. You'll find AB rhinestones from these jewelers and Swarovski on eBay, where you can purchase new or pre-owned stones to arrange in your own jewelry or on your clothing or accessories, or you can buy pieces of finished jewelry incorporating these rhinestones. The real Aurora Borealis might be a rare occurrence, but you can capture its splendid effect whenever you want by wearing AB rhinestones.