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About .999 Gold

Real .999 gold is, as the saying goes, worth its weight in pure gold. For centuries gold coins were the ultimate measurement of wealth, and these relics from the past, such as Spanish gold doubloons, remain popular among collectors. A .999 gold coin minted today never sees circulation and only appears as bullion currency collected by metal investors and coin collectors. These include gold American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaves, and Chinese Pandas, which come in different weights with 1 ounce being the average size. Metal investors who want to purchase more precious gold than the smaller coin sizes should look into a .999 gold bar, which is bigger than coins. Purchase these bars in massive amounts, and store them in a safe place and watch them increase in value. There are listings on eBay for .999 gold inventory, with both coins and bars in many different sizes for sale from reliable sellers. For many, building a sizable collection of gold gives them peace of mind even in times of financial turbulence.

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