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About 99 Eclipses & Parts

If asked, many owners would describe the 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse as mid-size, great on gas, and low in terms of maintenance requirements. This sports vehicle is known for its aerodynamic styling and its luxurious look, but it is more affordable than some of the other well-known sports cars, and its parts tend to be more affordable as well. 99 Eclipse headlights are more narrow than coupe headlights, and the replacement bulbs are easy to find and install when necessary. 99 Eclipse carbon fiber parts make the vehicle lighter, and since there is no metal on these parts, they do not rust with road salt, moisture, and age. There are panels, fenders, and hoods that come in this material. When choosing a carbon fiber piece or a headlight, make sure to choose ones that are specifically meant for the 99 models, or else they may not fit properly. You can purchase many different 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse parts, as well as complete Mitsubishi vehicles, from reliable sellers on eBay.