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About 9007 HID

The other day, you were driving home in the dead of night when the dark shadow in the middle of the road turned out to be a large animal. Even as you swerved away, you knew that near miss would never have happened if you had gone with a 9007 HID Bi-Xenon headlight. This type of headlight produces five times the light intensity of a halogen bulb while consuming far less power. To install these headlamps in your car, you need a 9007 HID conversion kit. This kit is rather easy to install as long as you find the right one for your vehicle. If your bulbs burn out, then all you need are 9007 HID replacement bulbs. With the wide selection of Xenon lights and conversion kits available on eBay, finding the right 9007 HID bulbs for your car is only a click away, thanks to the trusted sellers.