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About 9006 HID Kits

Your workplace is far from home and every day you have to drive miles of empty road late at night. On late evenings when heavy fog descends, you find your car's halogen lamps inadequate and wish you have a 9006 HID kit. In this kit, there are two HID 9006 xenon bulbs and two alloy slim ballasts required for installation. Installing a 9006 HID conversion kit is as easy as removing the old lamps and snapping the new ones in place with the included tools. Compared to your old halogen lamps, these xenon bulbs are five times brighter, last three times longer, and consume 35 percent less power. The lamps in a 9006 12000K HID kit produce 3500 lumens and the 12000K color comes out as blue violet. You can find the perfect 9006 HID kit for your car among the wide selection of xenon headlights available on eBay. With one of these kits, you can be certain that on your drive home you will enjoy the safety that comes with improved night visibility.