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About 9006 HID Bulbs

It is now an annual ritual that you change your car's headlights because their halogen bulbs burn out too quickly. The time is right then to change them to 9006 HID bulbs. HID bulbs are three times brighter than halogen bulbs and last 10 times longer on average. They are shockproof and waterproof and consume a third less power than halogen bulbs. HID bulbs also come in a number of bulb temperatures and each one produces a different kind of color. If you desire bright white beams shooting out of car's headlights, then you should choose 9006 6000K HID bulbs. HID bulbs with temperatures rated at 4300K and 5000K also produce white light, but pure white and alpine white respectively. Beyond 6000K, HID bulbs produce bluish light. For example, 9006 10000K HID bulbs shine pure blue light beams and they are desirable for those people who want to give their cars unique headlights. Make your night drives safer when you pick up a set of 9006 HID bulbs from the large inventory of Xenon headlight and fog light bulbs on eBay.