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About 9005 Bulbs

When it comes to driving at night, your 9005 bulb has two jobs to do. First, it has to illuminate the road in front of you, and second, it has to call attention to your car without blinding oncoming drivers. For anyone who needs more light, a 9005 HID bulb can replace your existing bulb with a high-intensity discharge xenon bulb that relies on the light emitting power of a plasma arc rather than the limitations of a fragile filament. Drivers more concerned about power efficiency can go with a 9005 LED bulb, which is both brighter than standard halogen and more power efficient, too. A quick check on eBay will let you browse the inventory of the site's reliable sellers and give you a great idea of just how many choices you have to replace your existing 9005 bulb. Night driving is inherently more dangerous than driving in daylight, but taking the time to make sure you have the right headlights is one way to keep safe every time you go on the road.