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About 70s Jumpsuits

In the dark room, the disco ball and colorful lights reflect off of the dance floor, and you shimmy across the room with style and comfort in your 1970s jumpsuit. For an over the top look at your next costume party, a 1970s disco jumpsuit will inspire you to do the Hustle all night long. A red, long sleeved, front lace-up, authentic vintage jumpsuit with bell bottoms is the perfect close-fitting and slinky outfit for a fun party. Pair with funky platform silver shoes to complete the look. For an evening event, a vintage 1970s halter jumpsuit is an ideal choice. Try a black, form fitting, backless jumpsuit with wide palazzo pant legs. The sequins on the straps add versatility and can be worn over the shoulders or can crisscross to create a halter look. Add strappy silver sandals and silver drop earrings for some extra shine. Search the vast inventories on eBay for a jumpsuit to suit your taste. Whether you are looking for a perfect costume or are paying homage to the past, a 1970s jumpsuit is an ideal way to show your sense of style for any occasion.