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About 700R4 Transmission

If replacing a transmission were easy, everyone would do it — however, your automotive know-how puts you above the rest. If you need to replace a 700R4 transmission, begin your project by searching the vast inventory on eBay. This versatile transmission, used in everything from Chevy Corvettes to heavy-duty trucks, was one of the first to feature overdrive functions when it first debuted in 1982. Check your repair manuals to ensure you find the right used 700R4 transmission to fit your GM or Chevy. Many of the transmissions available include torque converters, pumps, clutches, and valves; in addition, they come with new gaskets, seals, O-rings, bushings, frictions, lip seals, sprags, filters, and solenoids. Many rebuilt 700R4 transmissions also feature added bonuses, such as upgraded valve bodies. Look for units that have been dynamometer tested, and shop confidently. Depending on the model, these reliable, durable components are capable of 400 or 750 horsepower. Choose the 700R4 transmission that fits your car or truck, clear some space in your garage, and get back on the road in no time.

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