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About 700c Rims

You and your son enjoy spending time together to restore vintage bicycles, and you recently acquired an early ‘70s Schwinn bike in need of some work. You decide to look on eBay, since they have a wide variety of new and used 700c rims listed by reliable sellers. You are in search of a 36 hole rim 700c and are pleased when you find several to choose from. However, your eyes are drawn to two new Velocity rim 700c with machined sidewalls, which make for smooth braking. There is a deep V in the sidewall, and they come in a variety of colors. The best part is that, unlike vintage models, the V makes the rims stiff, eliminating the need for the eyelets for the spoke nipples. After installing the new rims, you are impressed with the look of the bike and decide to search on eBay for more new and used Velocity rims for your other projects.