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About 65W AC Adapters

It's every laptop owner's nightmare: running out of power just as you're clicking save to that very important document. Laptops can't survive on batteries alone, and for many a 65W AC adapter is the solution. This unassuming little brick plugs into the wall and turns your AC household current into the lower voltage DC that your computer requires. While many desktop computers can draw 500 or more watts, most laptops are much more power-efficient, and can get by easily on 65 watts or sometimes even less. The closest thing to a standard is a 19V 65W adapter, which is a good choice for a universal adapter as it can power a number of different laptops as long as you get the right tips. Whether you need a Dell adapter or an HP adapter, the place to start your search is eBay. A 65W AC adapter is the lifeline for your laptop, your backup when your battery is dying, and no laptop can cut that cord completely.